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The Making of the World

At the making of the world, First Woman opened her eyes and looked around at the trees and the sky, at the river and the mountains, and she asked the first words: 'Who am I?'

And the First Animals of the world responded, and they came to tell her. Hare Woman came forward and gave First Woman a flower.

'You are Hare' she said

Then Horse Woman left her herd and gave First Woman a mirror.

'You are Horse' she said.

Owl Woman swooped in, dropping a curved knife at First Woman's feet.

'You are Owl' she cried

And Bear Woman sat in front of First Woman and gave her an obsidian bowl.

'You are Bear' she growled.

First Woman looked at the animals, puzzled, and asked: 'But how can I be all of you?'

So Serpent Woman came up to First Woman and placed a belt around her hips. She attached each object to the belt.

'You are Serpent'. She said. 'You flow'.

Moon Mother suddenly appeared, bathing them all in her beauty and light.

'Ah, First Daughter, you have discovered who you are' she said, smiling.

First Woman looked at her belt, then looked up at Moon Mother.

'But how will I know when I am Hare Clan, Horse Clan, Owl Clan or Bear Clan?' she asked.

Moon Mother replied 'I will show you from the sky. Watch my face grow and be with the Hare people, see my full smile and be with Horse Clan, see my face incline and be with the Owl people and then, when I leave the sky, follow me and hibernate with the Bear Clan'.

And First Woman knew who she was.


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